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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is MyBC?

MyBC is Bellevue College's web portal for students and employees which provides a secure, password-protected location to access online services, class materials posted by instructors, online community features such as discussion boards, and personal sites (My Site). Each community member may use My Site to store files or share their personal information with the broader campus community. College news, reminders and bulletins are also centralized on the MyBC home page for disseminating important information to students, staff and faculty when needed.

  2. Why was MyBC created?

Streamlining access to services and resources on the web is an important long-term strategic initiative identified by the college to better serve students and the overall campus community. MyBC helps to condense the vast number of forms, tools and applications provided to students and employees in an easy-to-use, secure format. The portal allows information to be customized so that it’s more efficient and relevant to each user. Students, staff, and faculty can access MyBC services from campus, from home or any other computer with an Internet connection.

  3. How do I log in to MyBC?

Students and employees may access MyBC on or off campus. Follow the same steps whether you are logging in from BCC, from home or any other location with an Internet connection.

Student Log-in Procedures:

  • After you’ve set up student network your account, go to
  • Select “Log in.”
  • Enter your user name and password, then press “OK.”


Employee Log-in Procedures:

  • Go to
  • Select “Log in.”
  • Enter your network credentials using the following format:
    • User name: (your complete BC e-mail address)
    • Password: ******* (your BC password)

  4. Do I need to log out of MyBC?

Yes. Always end your MyBC portal session by closing your browser to protect your personal information. Follow these tips to protect your privacy and personal information when using the portal.

  5. Am I required to use MyBC?

As a student, no, the portal is not required, however MyBC provides the only path to accessing MyBC Class Sites, a resource that many instructors use to post their syllabus, assignments or other class materials. (Check with your instructor when you start your class to verify if he or she will be using these class sites). Other unique features you can only access in MyBC include a personal portal where you can store private files on the college server as well as maintain your own blog or share files with other members of the portal community. A community message board is also available for students and provides a great place to connect with other students, or post messages about any personal borate with other members of the college community. The portal is not required, but is made available to all students, staff and faculty.

Employees are required to use MyBC on a regular basis to access frequently-used employee applications (tools), the college forms library, institutional files and news. Most web applications are also accessible outside of the MyBC portal through a direct URL, but MyBC provides the only centralized menu to access these resources. Some of the same links found inside MyBC are alternatively available through the “Faculty & Staff Menu” linked off of the college home page, however some links to faculty resources such as Instructor Briefcase is only available inside MyBC.

  6. What are the terms of use?

The MyBC web portal is provided free of charge to currently enrolled students, new students who have been accepted for admissions, and BCC employees. To access MyBC and its services, you are required to create a student network account (user name and password) or use the employee network account issued to you by the college. Read the complete MyBCC Terms of Use.

  7. Is MyBC accessible?

The MyBC web portal complies with most Section 508 Information Accessibility Standards defined in federal law by the United States Department of Justice. Some advanced or interactive features of the portal that are available to a small and limited number of users may not be supported according to these guidelines. In these cases, if alternative access is required by users, the college will respond accordingly to provide alternative means for access.

Bellevue is committed to providing information and services to all users, regardless of their method of access or the constraints of the technology they use to access information. For more information, review the following reference links:

  8. What are the browser and platform requirements for MyBC?

All information, content, applications and services distributed through MyBC are available to both PC and Mac users. There is some extra functionality if you are using Internet Explorer on a PC, read more.

Supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5+ (PC only) [extra functionality notes]
  • Firefox (Mac and PC)
  • Netscape 7.2 + (Mac and PC)
  • Netscape 7.0 (PC only)
  • Netscape 6.0 (Mac and PC)
  • Safari
  • Mozilla
  • Camino

Unsupported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 5+ on Mac
  • Netscape 7.0 on Mac (version 6 and 7.2 work on the Mac)


Notes: Certain Microsoft Office integration and administrative functions within MyBC require at least Internet Explorer 5+ on a PC.

  9. Are there differences for Mac or PC users in different browsers?

Certain web part features located in ‘My Site’ are only be available to users running Internet Explorer on a PC due to the reliance of Active X controls required in pulling the data, however all basic functionality in posting files, accessing files and participating in forums and other interactive sites is available for all platforms and browsers.

For some administrative employees, advanced features such as institutional dashboards, business intelligence will only be available to users running Internet Explorer on a PC. If these tools are required, users will need to contact and coordinate alternative access with the BC Information Resources office.

10. How do I get more help with MyBC?


Please report any technical problems or issues having to do with MyBC, MyBC Class Sites, your BC student network account, e-mail, or wireless access or connectivity to the Student Technology Support Center (STSC) at You may also contact seek technical assistance in person in room N250, by phone at (425) 564-5555, or via e-mail at


Please report all technical issues with MyBC or any other campus technology to Request Center at or call the HelpDesk at (425) 564-4357.


11. What is a network account?

A network account is used to access (log in) to technology services across campus. Students create their own student network account online using the Student Account Management (SAM) tool at Employees are issued their network account when they are hired with the college.

The student network account is a passport to several technology services, the MyBC web portal being one of them. All students are provided with a college issued e-mail account as well which they would use their network account to access. E-mail and MyBC access is available to all students currently attending Bellevue College.

Students who pay the quarterly Technology Fee also use their student network account to log in to computers in classrooms, labs and access the wireless network on campus. These additional services are only available to students who have paid the Technology Fee.

12. How do I create my network account?


Your employee network account is issued to you when you begin working at the college. Contact your supervisor to coordinate this request.



  • Go to
  • Select “Create Your Student Network Account”
  • You will need your student ID number (SID), personal ID number (PIN) and birth date or social security number.
  • Follow the steps to set up your new account, where you’ll create your own user name and password.

13. What should I do if I forget my password or want to update it?

Go to Click on the link labeled “Forget Your Password?” or "Manage Your Account." You’ll be provided with options to reset your password or look it up.

14. Who is eligible to create a student network account?

Any student who has either been accepted for admissions at Bellevue College or is currently registered in a credit or Continuing Education class may create a student network account to access MyBC and college-issued student e-mail.

Please note: Only students who have paid the BC Technology Fee are eligible to use their network account to log in to computers in labs and classrooms, or the student wireless network.

15. How long is my network account active?

Employee network accounts are active through the duration of employment. Student network accounts are maintained throughout the time the student is enrolled at the college. Accounts do not expire unless the student notifies the college to formally request that his or her account is removed.

16. I forgot my SID. How do I look it up?

You may look up your SID online at

17. I forgot my PIN. How do I find it?


Your personal number (PIN) is initially set as your birth date, using the MMDDYY format. If you don’t remember your current PIN, you must request a new PIN in person at the BCC Student Service Center in B125 on the main campus or the main desk at North Campus.

You should change your PIN on a regular basis to further protect your personal information.



Your personal number (PIN) is initially set by Human Resources and is different than your student PIN. If you don't remember your current PIN, please contact Human Resources at (425) 564-2274.


Personal Site (My Site)

19. How does MyBC know what type of college information to send me?

Content and links are directed to each portal user based on your student or employee role at the college. You may receive specialized information based on the type of classes you register for or the courses you teach. You may also receive personalized messages or information if you are involved in any committees or activities that utilize the portal for work space. The college intends to provide information that is helpful and useful to you during your time at BC.

My Site

20. What is ‘My Site’?

All portal users have access to a personal space called ‘My Site.’ Features and services you’ll find in ‘My Site’ will vary depending on the level of privileges you’ve been given in the portal. Generally, all users may upload private or shared documents in ‘My Site,’ and may access personal links, alerts and announcements. The first time you click on the ‘My Site’ link (in the top right corner of your portal view), your ‘My Site’ will be created. This process takes just a few seconds.

‘My Site’ features a public and private view—the public view contains limited information at start-up. You may choose to provide other information about yourself by editing your site profile. The information you add to your site profile will display in the public view of your site, which may be viewed by any other portal user when they use the MyBC search feature.

In the private view, you’ll access the interactive features available to you in ‘My Site.’ You can upload documents to store on the BCC server for your own use in the private documents library, you may post documents in your shared documents library that can be viewed by others in your site’s public view.

You’ll also be able to add your own content, such as other document or image libraries, alerts, favorite links, and personal web parts for weather or news.

21. What types of content can I add?

You can create document and picture libraries, calendars, surveys, task lists and other content. Any of the documents you create in your personal site can be shared with other users by adding them to your shared document library.

22. How do I restore any content in ‘My Site’ that I may have accidentally removed?

Under “Modify My Site,” you’ll find a “Restore Settings” link. Choose this link when you wish to restore your ‘My Site’ page to its original state. Your links, lists, alerts and documents will not be affected when you restore settings.

23. How do I change the look of ‘My Site’?

To change the color and style of your ‘My Site’ private view, click on “Site Settings” in the top menu, then choose “Change Site Theme.” Choose from a number of different pre-set themes and styles.

24. What’s the difference between the public and private view of ‘My Site’?

Your personal site has a private view that contains information of interest to you. From the private view, you can organize and access your documents, view and manage your alerts and information, view your e-mail and maintain a calendar — all from one location.

In the public view, you may edit your public profile if you wish to provide other portal users with more information about yourself. Always keep in mind you are publishing this information and all other portal users may be able to see it if they locate your site through a search. You may choose to share the links and documents on your public view.

An additional feature for employees includes the ability to create workspaces that allow you to invite other employee users to join in discussions, develop content online or discover other ways of collaborating with co-workers in a shared portal workspace.

25. When I upload documents in ‘My Site,’ where do they go?

Documents you post in ‘My Site,’ either in your private or shared documents library, are stored in the portal system in a database that is linked with your account.

26. Who can view the documents and content that I upload in ‘My Site’?

You are the owner of the content you post in the private view of your ‘My Site’ area. You have the option to share links, documents or information about yourself in the public view of your ‘My Site.’ For more details, read What is My Site?

MyBC Class Sites

27. What is a MyBC Class Site?

A MyBC Class Site is a secure, online website provided to BC instructors which allows them to share electronic materials with students enrolled in their classes. The sites are optional—not every teacher uses this resource. Sites also provide interactive features such as discussion boards, blogs, or libraries (folders) for students to submit assignments. Permissions to a MyBC Class Site are granted only to the students and instructor(s) enrolled or teaching that particular class, and only after the instructor has created the site. .

28. How do students and instructors access a MyBC Class Site?

MyBC Class Sites are displayed in a list on the MyBC home page, after you have logged in to the portal. Students and employees will log in with their college network account.

  • The student network account may be created any time after a student receives their student identification number (SID) and personal identification number (PIN). For students enrolled in credit classes, the SID and PIN is issued after you apply for admissions. For students enrolled in classes through BC Continuing Education, the SID and PIN is established after you register for a class. Continuing Education students may contact the Continuing Education office directly to request this identification information. Create your account using the Student Account Management site at
  • The employee network account is issued to all employees when they are hired at the college. Hint: this is the same account you'll use to sign in to your computer and your e-mail.

29. Can I access a MyBC Class Site without logging in to MyBC?

Yes. Although, you must be enrolled in the class or be the assigned instructor for the class in the class management system (HP). Use the following formula to locate the web address (URL) of your MyBC Class Site.

  • All MyBC Class Site URLS begin with: and end with a combination of the class item number and the year/quarter code.
    • Example:[item number][year/quarter code]/
  • Year/quarter codes consist of four digits, the first three characters corresponding to the academic year (i.e. 2009-10) and the last digit indicating the specific quarter in that year.

Example of year/quarter codes for the past few academic years:


  • Summer quarter - B011
  • Fall quarter - B012
  • Winter quarter - B013
  • Spring quarter - B014


  • Summer quarter - A901
  • Fall quarter 2009 - A902
  • Winter quarter 2010 - A903
  • Spring quarter 2010 - A904


Using the formula above, for a class offered in fall quarter 2010 with the item number 3000, the web address for the MyBC Class Site would be Please note: only the instructor and students enrolled in the class section are granted permission to access MyBC Class Sites. Students should also be aware that not all instructors use MyBC Class Sites, so it is possible that sites do not exist for all class sections. Check with your instructor if you have problems accessing your site.

30. How do MyBC Class Sites differ from my instructor's personal portal in MyBC (called My Site)?

My Site is a personal portal (area) in MyBC that is given to every student and employee who use MyBC. My Sites come with 100MB of space and are initially set up so any user of MyBC has access to visit. MyBC Class Sites are secure sites which are only available to those enrolled in the class.are dedicated secure websites given to instructors for each of their classes. There is also unlimited space in a class site. Some BC instructors may prefer posting their documents to their My Site Shared Documents instead of using MyBC Course Sites. Each teacher decides for themselves what works best for them. The key difference between these two areas:

  • Permissions for accessing a MyBC Class Site are set up exclusively for the teacher and his/her students that are enrolled in that particular class. No other portal member may enter a MyBC Class Site unless the teacher for that class grants them special permission to join the site.
  • My Site is an open area in the college portal for any portal member to post and share files to the broader college community. My Site provides tools to create an alternate site identical to a MyBC Class Site, however permissions for this site (at default) are not limited to only the students in the class.

31. How do MyBC Class Sites differ from Blackboard Vista class sites?

Blackboard Vista is used as the primary learning management system for offereing our online classes, those offered through BC Distance Education. Bellevue College instructors who teach online classes use Bb Vista as their primary classroom site. Every teacher has the option to use MyBC Class Sites for distributing materials electronically in a secure way (limited only to the class members). Students should ask their instructors at the beginning of each quarter if they intend to make class materials available using either of these resources.

32. How do MyBC Class Sites get created? How do they generally work?

All instructors may choose to create a MyBC Class Site for their course as an option. Instructions and a demo explaining how to create a class site are provided in MyBC for instructors. Watch the demo now

Once a class site is created, the portal will automatically add permissions for the students currently enrolled in the class. If enrollment changes, the student permissions are automatically updated for the instructor, however sometimes this may take up to 4 hours or more. Once the site is created, students will gain access to the site through the MyBC Class Site list they see on the MyBC home page. If there is more than one instructor teaching a class, the instructor who creates the site initially will need to set up permissions for the other instructor. Assistance is provided in the Web Services office if instructors need help with this process.

33. I'm teaching a class with another instructor, but he/she is receiving an "Access Denied" message and cannot access the class site. What should I do?

In situtations where there are two instructors teaching the same section, the instructor who creates the class site will also need to set up permissions on the site for their colleague. Check out the MyBC Training section in MyBC for steps on how to do this. If you need further assistance you may also request help through Request Center or by contacting the Web Services office.

34. What happens if another teacher takes over my class? How do they get access to the MyBC Class Site?

If the instructor assigned to a class changes, the new instructor taking over the class will eventually see the course section listed in their class site list. This update may take up to 4 hours before the teacher sees the change. If the original teacher had not yet created a MyBC Class Site for the class, then the newly appointed teacher may go ahead and follow the steps for creating a class site.

If the original teacher assigned to the class already created their class site, the new teacher appointed to the class will need to submit a request to Request Center to ask to have the site permissions updated. A change in instructors will in no way affect a student's access to the class site if it has already been established.

35. How often is class information updated in the MyBC Class Site list?

It takes 6 hours (sometimes up to 24 hours during heavy registration times) to see changes in your class site listin in MyBC. If you've dropped a class or added a new class to your schedule, please be prepared for this time delay before reporting an issue. If it has been more than 24 hours since you changed enrollment and you do not see the change in your Class Site list, please report it as soon as possible.

If the college cancels a class for which you’ve already enrolled, you may see the word “CANCELLED” listed next to your class in your schedule. This should only appear for a short amount of time until the Registration office removes you from the cancelled class.

Students: Please be aware that your listing of MyBC Class Sites is not your official class schedule. To view your official class schedule, go to

36. Who may post materials to MyBC Class Sites?

The instructor for the course is the only individual granted full control of posting or modifying content on the class site initially. Students automatically receive Read permissions, but this may be changed by the instructor if he or she chooses to allow students to post to the site. With Read permissions, studnets should be able to open, save or print documents, and navigate the site as a traditional website.

37. As an instructor, am I required to use the MyBC Class Site to post materials?

No. MyBC Class Sites are provided as an optional resource to you and you may use it anyway you feel is appropriate for your class. Many instructors use the resource as a simple way of distributing their syllabus or class lecture notes. Other instructors create discussion boards weekly to enhance classroom discussions, or they use custom features to create an assignment dropbox to allow students to submit assignments in one location online. These sites also provide an alternate means of communicating with your students via a website if you need a location to post secure (password protected) announcements.

38. What amount of storage is available in a MyBC Class Site?

Instructors are given unlimited storage for posting materials in MyBC Class Sites.

39. What formats of files may be posted in a MyBC Class Site?

Almost any kind of files may be posted in a site library. Common file formats include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and graphic files such as JPG, GIF, PNG. File formats that may be harmful to college servers such as executable files are blocked from being posted in any part of the portal.

40. When I click on the class title from My Classes, I get a page that says, “This site is no longer available in the reference database.”

This message indicates a Class Site previously existed but has been deleted. Since all instructors have the ability to create their class sites, they may also opt to delete them at some point as well. If you encounter this message, check with your instructor, he or she may have intentionally deleted the site. If you are the instructor for the class and you believe there is another problem with your site, please report this issue.

41. How long are MyBC Class Sites available?

The college maintains MyBC Class Sites for 6 quarters. This includes sites for the current quarter and the previous 5 quarters which are archived at Students may view your entire unofficial transcript online by clicking on the Registration & Records tab in MyBC or by going to

42. I would like additional help working with MyBC Class Sites. Is training available?

Faculty and staff training is available by request through the Web Services office. Usually it is most effective for employees to set up a custom session for your department or group and work with web staff to customize a session. If workshops are scheduled in advance, they are posted for employees in the Employee Training & Tracking (ETT) which is access through the Training tab in MyBC (for employees only). To arrange employee training for MyBC, contact Help and How-to movies, handouts and an SharePoint blog with tips for employees is also available under the Training tab.

43. Is there any easy way to export my class documents and files from one MyBC Class Site to another?

For PC users who use the Internet Explorer browser (see version requirements), users may open two sites (one in a seperate browser session) and use Windows Explorer View. This mode allows multiple file drag and drop, or copy and paste. For Mac users, the same drag and drop option is avaialble using WebDAV. Instructions for users of both platforms are available in the SharePoint Tips blog in the MyBC Training page for employes.

Document Libraries

44. Is there a file size limit for documents uploaded to document libraries

Yes, documents up to about 60MB in size are the maximum file size for document uploading capabilities. If files are larger than this, depending on your connection rate and computer, you may encounter time-outs or issues with files larger than this.

BlackBoard Vista Single Sign-on

45. What is Blackboard Single Sign-on”?

MyBC provides a convenient tool for Blackboard Vista users that will automatically sign them on to Vista once logged in to MyBC. This feature is called Single Sign-on and is only available to students or instructors who possess and active account for Vista.


46. Is the information in MyBC private?

The college delivers the MyBC web portal through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. After you log in to the portal, you may verify that your portal connection is secure by looking for a locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser. When this icon is displayed, you can be assured that the information you’re viewing on the screen is being transmitted securely.

It should also be emphasized that protecting the confidentiality of your records and information is your responsibility. To protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized use of your network account, you must always end your session (log out) by completely closing all web browser windows when you have finished using MyBC. See complete and detailed guidelines for logging in and out.

The personal information you add and store in MyBC is not disclosed or monitored by college administration unless such action is necessary to comply with the law, to protect BC property or to enforce BC policy. Read MyBC Terms of Use.

Other portal users may use the MyBC search to locate the public view of your ‘My Site’ area. The public view of your My Site is, by design, intended for you to share documents or links with other users in the college community if you choose to do so. When you add links to "My Links" and choose the “share links” option, or upload files in your shared documents library or pictures library in My Site, you are choosing to make this information available to others to access, open and view. At start up, the only personal information that is automatically displayed about you is your name. Be careful not to post documents that contain sensitive information in the shared documents or shared links areas of your ‘My Site’ section.

47. How can I protect my privacy and personal information in MyBC?

Follow these tips to protect your personal information:

Tips for Logging In & Out

  1. Keep your information private! Avoid writing down your password and other personal data.
  2. Keep your password secure:
    • Don’t use your name or a word that would be easy to guess
    • Don’t choose a word that can be found in the dictionary
    • No one needs to know your password for any reason.
    • Change your password regularly.
  3. Always end your session by closing your browser after you’ve finished using MyBC to protect your personal information.

Tips for Protecting Your Information at a Public Workstation

  1. Don’t leave your workstation unattended—even for a few minutes. If you must leave the computer, always end your session or lock your computer so no one can access your information.
  2. Be aware of others standing behind you or next to you when logging in and viewing your records, grades or personal information on the computer screen


48. What are alerts?

Alerts notify you when content on specific portal pages has changed. Once you set up an alert, they will be listed on your MySite. Also, if you have a BC e-mail account, you can be notified by e-mail when content is updated.